New Library Cards!

Our new library cards are in and ready for you to take home! Next time you stop by you’ll get to pick from three card designs. Your number will chance from 4 digits to 14 digits (which is required by the state now). Justine will be able to sync your Overdrive e-books and audio books from your old card number to your new card number so you won’t lose any currently checked out materials, or anything on hold or on your wish list!

Kids Book Bundles… No Searching Required

Looking for books on a certain topic? Potty Training books? Back to school books? Holiday books? We’ll do the searching for you! Our book bundles are on display in the kids room. Some even have books for grownups! Check one out next time you’re in and let Justine know if there’s a topic or theme you’d like to see!


book bundles.jpg