The Walpole Town Library offers many services for you to take advantage of both at the library and at home.

Technology at the library:

The Walpole Library has 2 public desktop computers with Microsoft Office, as well as 2 public Chromebook Laptops. We also offer printing ($0.10 per page for black and white, $0.25 per page for color), copying (pricing same as printing), scanning (free of charge) and faxing services ($1 per page).

The North Walpole Branch has 1 public desktop computer with Microsoft Office and offers printing services.

Technology for Children:

The Walpole Library currently offers over 20 Launchpads to families for check-out. These tablets, designed for children, do not connect to the internet. Instead, each tablet comes pre-loaded with games that are both fun and educational. The games on each tablet are centered around a theme such as cooking or learning Spanish! We currently have tablets designed for children ages 3 to 7.

Technology at home:

Through the New Hampshire State Library, we are able to offer a number of resources that you can access from home. Check out our Digital Resources pages to see what’s available currently.

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