Stuffed Animal Slumber Party

Join us tomorrow, the 24th at 6pm for a Stuffed Animal Slumber Party! We’ll have story time and a craft at 6pm, then children will get to tuck their stuffed animals, dolls or other friends into bed at the library. Families return home and we leave our library bears in charge of the other friends. Saturday the 25th, families can return anytime between 9am and 12pm to pick up their friends and view a slideshow of the silly things the library bears allowed everyone to do overnight at the library!


We are open until 1pm on Saturdays, so 12pm is not a hard deadline =)


stuffed animal slumber party

One thought on “Stuffed Animal Slumber Party

  1. Just have to say, this sounds like so much fun. Great idea Justine and Julie. Too old to participate but old enough to really appreciate all you do!


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