National Poetry Month- Poetry Reading

Join us at the library on Thursday April 6th at 6pm for a poetry reading with 3 local poets.

Toni Ortner who lives in Putney, Vermont taught in the English Department of numerous colleges including the University of Connecticut. She is now retired and writes full time. She has 20 books published Most recent are Traveling, A Perspective by Kelsey Books and A White Page Demands Its Letters by Mayapple Press from which she will be reading. Forthcoming are Stories We Tell Ourselves to Survive and End Rhymes for End Times by Knut House, Inc. then Fractured Woman by Word Tech Communications. She hosts Write Action Radio Hour on l07. 7 FM on the fourth Sunday of each month where she interviews writers and they read their work. Her website is; her most recent writing can be found on her column Old Lady Blog at

VINCENT PANELLA lives in Marlboro, Vermont and grew up in Queens. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University where he earned a degree in engineering, then served for two years in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War years. He received a M.A. in English from Penn State and went on to the Iowa Writer’s Workshop where he studied under William Price Fox. His stories have appeared in several literary journals. Three of his his books are a memoir, The Other Side, a novel, Cutter’s Island, and Lost Hearts, a story collection. He blogs at under the heading The First Glass and has a web site

Lee Bramble, the pen name of Tom Ragle, is the author of a CD called “Twenty Poems, A Reading” and a book “Take This Song”, a collection of his poems from which he will be reading. Graduate of Harvard and Oxford, until his retirement in 1993 he was a professor of English literature and academic administrator here and in Europe and Asia, and has lectured also in Austria, East Germany, Japan, and Malta. He and his wife live in Guilford, Vermont in the 1780 farmhouse in which she and their seven children grew up. He says he earned his living as a professor and administrator but is at heart a poet, however undistinguished.

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