Zentangle Workshop 8/2/2018 2pm- Registration Required

Have you heard of Zentangles before? Trust me, you’ve seen them! It’s a method of drawing that helps you…

  • Relax
  • Focus
  • Expand your imagination
  • Trust your creativity
  • Increase your awareness
  • Respond confidently to the unexpected
  • Discover the fun and healing in creative expression
  • Enter a vibrant and supportive world-wide community
  • Feel gratitude and appreciation for this beautiful world and all that you can do
  • And perhaps most importantly . . . Have fun!

Join us at the library for a free workshop with certified teacher, Heidi Hammell, on August 2nd at 2pm. Walpole residents and non-residents ages 9+ are welcome. Please call the library at 603-756-9806 or e-mail Justine a jfafara@walpoletownlibrary.org to register so we can ensure we have enough supplies.


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